7 Reasons Why Kashid is Mumbai’s Sweetest Escape

Exactly when you’re so done having random wrappers getting stuck on your toes when you’re in Juhu, there’s Kashid. You want a beach escapade, but then there are couples, candyfloss sellers, chana sellers, photographers chasing you to get clicked, random guys from Mars, and you realize you’re in Kumbh Mela Volume 2.

Living in Mumbai can be stressful, and darling when you need solitude and tranquility, you DON’T go to Juhu Beach, you go to Kashid- one of Mumbai’s sweetest escape. A sprawling coastline that glitters, and sheer peace will charge you up!

To convince you why you gotta head out to Kashid, here are 6 reasons why Kashid is one of the best day or weekend getaways from Mumbai.

1. The route is scenic

route to Kashid - one of the best weekend getaways from MumbaiImage Source

Taking you through sky-soaring skyline,  rolling hills, and glimmering beachscapes,  the drive from Mumbai to Kashid is something that’ll urge you to duck your head outside the window and let your hair flirt with wind. If you’re travelling around October, waterfalls will be stumbled upon too!

2. You don’t need a long weekend. Hail day trips!

Kashid sunsetImage Source

Yup, Mumbai and Kashid are just 125 Km away from each other. This takes just about 3- 4 hours one side. Brownie points if you leave early morning. Late-risers- Dontcha frown mate, it’ll be all worth it.

Though Kashid is among the weekend destinations from Mumbai, but a day trip here is so doable!

3. You want privacy? You got it!

Kashid rocksImage Source

Kashid, being one of the up and coming favorite weekend getaways from Mumbai, you will find people playing along with the waves. But that doesn’t mean you are compromising on your piece of serenity. The long stretched coastline has a bundle of privacy on offer. You just gotta be thr explorer you are!

4. This is among the best camping destinations near Mumbai

camps in KashidImage Source

So, Kashid will conspire to get you hanging mate; using its gamboling yet calming sea waves as an armor. And in fact, this would be time when it’s okay to give up.

You can pitch your own tent, or get in touch with various camping group organizers like Lets Camp Out.

5. Hammocks hang around in here

Kashid Image Source

A beach escapade is taken to another level of travelgasm with a hammock. Yup! Kashid’s beach shacks have them for you. So, you know you’ve found your soulmate, Kashid.

6. Horses sprinkle up the beach feels

Kashid horseImage Source

Throwing sand in the air, there are horses you can find on the Kashid Beach. If you’re in for some fun, you can ride the horses too.

7. You’ve got a marine fort to please you too

Image Source

Just 20 minutes away from the beach, you have Korlai Fort. This Portuguese marine fort was built in 1521 and has an intriguing history,and more pleasing views of the sea.

Here’s a glimpse of my trip to Kashid, and yes I did a day trip 🙂 It indeed made me go a little poetic, you can see what I wrote – When Kashid Played A Wild Song


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