5 Secret Beaches In Goa: You Gotta Stay Hush!

With all that crazy clubbing scenes, and stunning beaches, Goa has earned it to be a shimmering tourist spot of India and the world. And everything comes with its own cons; with Goa’s heavy tourist crowd comes the lack of tranquility and privacy. Let out a sigh of relief because there still are beaches way out the tourists’ radar.

This list of beaches in Goa will unveil deep secrets. Yes these secret beaches in Goa are meant for the real travelers, the kinds who travel not just to step on a place, but to inhale every essence of it.

5. Butterfly Beach – Two coves imitating butterfly wings
Butterfly beachImage Source
Imitating wings from up above, the Butterfly Beach is that marvelous beach with golden sands and deep blue sea. You have your own little spot, where you can sit and glance at the sunset. Nope, there won’t be those bugging tourists chattering around.

4. Galgibaga Beach – Baga Beach, but quieter
Galgibaga beachImage Source
Unlike the buzzing Baga Beach, Galgibaga is where you’ll find tranquility. This is the hatching and nesting site for Olive Riley Turtles; and this is the reason why it also is known as Turtle Beach. The best time for turtle spotting is between the months of December and February.

3. Betul Beach – Fishing much?
Betul Beach is one of the most beautiful secret beaches in GoaImage Source
The fishing beach, Betul Beach is accessible through Morbor Beach and then Sal River. There’s so much to see here, alongside the bewitching tropical panorama; a 17th century fort, and Canaguinim Beach as well. Did I mention anything regarding the sumptuous sea food you get here?!

2. Cola Beach – A beach between a lot of Goa and a tiny bit of Rajasthan
ColaImage Source
Cola beach, one of the most beautiful secret beaches in Goa, will transfer you a little to Rajasthan (the neighboring tents! So inspired by Rajasthani artistry). A lagoon and beach huts enveloping it, you’ll sure find your own travel Nirvana. Add cherry to the top by putting on your fave jam.

1. Cabo De Rama – Fetch your Dil Chahta Hai moments here
Cabo De Rama goaImage Source
As fancy as it sounds, Cabo De Rama with its picturesque seashore flaunts a Portuguese-claimed Fort that has been under the rule of other monarchs as well. Though today in ruins, this fort will give you your own Dil Chahta Hai moment here.

So yeah, let the secret stay the secret 😛

Oh! In case you’re fishing for some beachspiration scroll through the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world!


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