5 Sinfully Gorgeous Hill-stations In India That Stays Secret

When the mountains are calling, it’s considered rude to keep them waiting. There’s perhaps not a sweeter meeting than the one with nature itself. Playful birds on tree’s branches, misty clouds ambling above you, and the peaks kissing the sky. That’s how we get a little close to Nirvana.

If you’re seeking a hilly hideout that’s unknown and untouched, you’ve landed on the right page buddy! This list of top 5 most beautiful and offbeat hill stations in India will make you meet your new addition to the bucket list this year!

5. Chikhaldhara in Maharashtra

ChikaldharaImage Source

4. Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu


Image Source

3. Shimoga, Karnataka

Shimoga.jpgImage Source

2. Chaukari, Himachal Pradesh

choukari_20121113_0071Image Source

1. Khati, Uttarakhand

KhatiImage Source

Which is so far the best hill-station you’ve ever stepped foot on?


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