5 Craziest Adventures In The World: Only For Daredevils

They say there’s success beyond fear. And when you move beyond fear, there’s a feeling of freedom that greets you. You free your thoughts which have been forcing you to cease, and not go ahead.

Even if you think you’re too gutsy, I bet these 5 craziest adventures in the world will wreck your whole understanding of adventure!

5. Skylodging in Peru – Glamping at a height of 400 meters above ground
Peru skylodgeImage Source

4. San Fermín Festival in Spain – Running with the ferocious bulls
Spain San Fermin

3. Storm Chasing – Going after something that sparks fear
Storm ChasingImage Source

2. Cloud-storm sky surfing – Surfing through the furious clouds
SkysurfingImage Source

1. Cliff diving from the Angel Falls – World’s longest waterfall
Cliff diving angel fallsImage Source

Which one are you trying? 😉 


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